Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8

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Der Komfort-Edel-Racer

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Vor zwei Jahrzehnten haben wir mit der damals völlig neuen Kategorie der Langstrecken-Rennräder bewiesen, dass hohe Ergonomie hohe Leistungsfähigkeit bedeutet. Heute ist das neue Roubaix SL8 mit Future Shock 3.0 Serie leichter, schneller und geschmeidiger als jedes andere Endurance-Rennrad. Mag die Straße noch so sehr die Hölle sein – das neue Roubaix fährt sich wie im Himmel.

  • COMPLIANCE: Future Shock 3.0 is the star of the show, more tunable, adjustable, and durable than ever. Now, regardless of position on the bike, every rider experiences 20mm of smooth, stiction-free travel between the stem and head tube. Future Shock helps keep your hands and bars steady for a smoother ride with more control to stay fast, safe, and confident.
  • Our dropped clamp design exposes more seatpost to increase deflection, but “more” isn’t simply better. The Pavé seatpost controls that deflection for the optimal vertical compliance. Together they create AfterShock technology, and when paired with the Roubaix’s rigid rear triangle, deliver a smooth ride with no loss in efficiency.
  • The Roubaix SL8 is the smoothest road bike our Ride Science Team has ever tested—reducing impacts at the bars and saddle by 53% vs. the nearest competition. With Roubaix’s Future Shock 3.0 the wheel quickly moves over the bump, while rider mass remains stable, maintaining momentum in rough terrain. Typical forks deflect backward on impact, causing a measurable loss in speed. It’s a scientific fact, smoother is indeed faster.
  • CAPABILITY: The Roubaix pioneered endurance geometry, so you ride “IN” the bike, not “ON” the bike to relieve pressure on your hands, arms, and shoulders for capability and confidence on any road, yet it’s ready to dissect a mountain decent at full gas. Snuggle up.
  • With tire clearance up to 38c/40mm, this endurance road machine delivers better traction than ever on rough roads and even light gravel. Thanks to lightweight, super-efficient Specialized tires, that extra tire volume and traction comes with no downsides.
  • Roubaix inspires really BIG days on the bike, so we’ve given it every mount your adventures could need—three bottle mounts, top-tube mounts, and it’s even fender-ready. So, go ahead and bring it all along for the ride.




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